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Rock Ledge provides high-quality landscaping, property management, snow removal, masonry, and garden services in Passaic, Bergen, Sussex and Morris counties. Whether you need your driveway cleared of snow, a retaining wall built, or a landscape makeover, we can help!

Property Maintenance

Get the best property maintenance through all four seasons, and then some!


Rock Ledge Landscaping provides full-service landscape site preparation from design to completion.

Snow Removal

When it’s twenty below, we still go! This has been our motto for over fifty years, and we’ve shivered our way through all of them!

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For over fifty years, Rock Ledge has been providing the highest-quality landscaping services in Passaic, Bergen, Sussex and Morris counties. We hope to bring these services to your commercial property, business, or home, helping you to enjoy your space and beautify your community. We do this by committing ourselves to the highest standard in landscape maintenance, landscape construction, masonry, and property maintenance. Need the snow or leaves removed from your property? Get it handled without ever touching a shovel or rake! Our landscaping staff are professional, friendly, and prompt, getting your property in shape quickly and effectively. As a family-owned company, we know how important it is to get the job done right. We have passed the secrets of landscaping down from generation to generation—not to mention the secrets of customer service! When you need a landscaping company you can trust for your important project, give the experts at Rock Ledge Landscaping a call. We’ll make your property a masterpiece!

Why Choose Us

Why choose Rock Ledge? Because we have proven result! For over 50 years, we have beautified the Northeast, providing the tri-state area with the best landscaping services possible. Here are some of the benefits that Rock Ledge offers that other landscaping companies might not:

Year-round services

Whether you need to tame your overgrown summer lawn, clear fall leaves, or eliminate snow and ice, Rock Ledge has you covered.

Unbeatable customer service

We have years of history with satisfied customers, which we attribute to the high-quality staff we hire.

Family-owned and operated

Don’t get sucked in by a corporation that doesn’t care about you or your neighborhood! Rock Ledge has been a vital part of the community for decades, and we are committed to improving the neighborhoods where we live and work.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If our services don’t meet your highest standards, we’ll make it right!

If you’ve been looking for the best landscaping company in New Jersey, Rock Ledge is the one to call!

Safety First

We ensure that all of our landscaping designs and property services promote safety for our clients and their guests. Whether we are clearing snow, trimming trees, or incorporating new elements into your landscape, we do so with a goal of making access easy and safe for all.

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